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Chicago Blues in E          »

Classic Chicago blues shuffle in the style of the great Buddy Guy.

Chords are I7, IV7, V7 (E7, A7 and B7) and for an authentic Chicago vibe use the E Pentatonic Minor Scale (E G A B D etc.).


Classic Rock in C            »

70's Blues Rock

Chords are I, bVII, bVI (C5, Bb5 and Ab5). Use the C Pentatonic Minor Scale (C Eb F G Bb etc.).


Slow Funk Blues in Am   »

Slow Funk Jazz Blues Fusion

Chords are i, iv, V7, #V7 (Am7, Dm7, E7 and F7). Use the A Pentatonic Minor Scale (A C D E G etc.) or A Dorian (A B C D E F# G etc.) over the i chord.


Indie Rock in G               »

Americana Indie Rock

Chords are I, vi, IV, Vsus4 (G5, Em7, C5add9 and Dsus4). Use the E Pentatonic Minor Scale (E G A B D etc.) which is really G Pentatonic Major when used in this context!

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