Looking for a Jam Buddy ?

Are you already a good musician ?

Simon on Fender guitar

If you are already an experienced player but are lacking in opportunities to keep your playing in shape, I can help !

At a convenient location in St Owens Cross near Ross-on-Wye, Herefordshire, I provide a relaxed, comfortable environment, studio quality sound and professionally produced backing tracks in a wide range of blues, rock, metal, funk, jazz rock, latin contemporary styles. We tune up and trade licks for an hour ! A great way to keep your chops in shape and to relax and live in the musical moment !

If required I can record the session and you can have a fully mixed and mastered version on CD !

If you are interested in a regular one-on-one jam sessions with a seasoned, internationally experienced pro guitar player - give me a call !

All instruments welcome !

Call 07875 255 817